We provide brilliant, high-resolution aerial photos and epic ultra-high-definition video flyover tours from the air.


Aerial Imaging Company has been flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)s for more than 3 years.


We provide stunning, high-resolution aerial photos and epic ultra-high-definition video tours from the air. Unlike traditional ground-based photography and videography, low-altitude aerial media provides a unique perspective and takes imaging to a new height.


Update your building locations with current aerial photographs.


Public Events

From classic car shows to parades, enhance your event with aerial media.


Real estate - Commercial

Enhance your listings with aerial media for a new perspective.

Parks & Rec

Municipal parks and recreation areas are great to showcase upcoming events.



See what your projects look like before, during & after from the air.


Real Estate - Residential

Showcase your home and surrounding landscape.


Highlight your fishing trip to Canada with aerial videography.


Golf Course

Create a video fly-over of your golf course to enhance your online presence.


Private Events

Add aerial media to enhance your once-in-a-lifetime moments.


The possibilities are endless

Have an idea? Just ask.

We are always searching new applications to use aerial media for our clients.

Aerial Imaging Company has one of the fastest growing reputations
in aerial media in the Midwest.

We create emotional and dynamically vibrant imagery for many clients, including: architects, builders, interior designers and real estate agents.


Every flight shows us something new, but our vision remains the same:

"Provide creative, inspiring and timely aerial photography and videography products in a safe, respectful and professional manner."